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Medium: Film
Fandom: The Cabin in the Woods
Subject: Marty Mikalski/Dana Polk
Title: As the world comes to an end, I'll be here to hold your hand
Warnings: Spoilers for the entire movie

Full album art, lyrics, and download link after the cut

( "Trust me girl, You wanna be high for this")
Title: Stupid Happy Endings
Fandom: Cabin in the Woods
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,096
Characters/Pairings: Giant evil gods.
Summary: The Apocalypse ain't what it used to be.

Most people think the world's going to end someday. Few people realize that the world already has ended. Like, a lot.

Welcome, Cabin fans!

So, uh. This movie took longer to come out than I expected when I created this community. Things like release dates can slip the mind (especially when they keep moving. Dear god, I created this in 2010?).

Bottom line, we're here now, the movie's out, and yay for that.

Cabin in the Woods: What We Know

If you're reading this, odds are you are aware to one degree or another of Joss Whedon's upcoming horror movie, The Cabin in the Woods.

This is the first-ever community on LiveJournal created for The Cabin in the Woods, and if you're reading this before 2011, you probably have an interest in scouring the internet for any detail on the movie you can. The official site isn't exactly forthcoming, beyond the fact that it is about a cabin in the woods.

But first, the standard welcome spiel -- be nice to each other. Put spoilers, fic, large images, and NSFW content behind a cut (with the proper warnings when needed). And keep the rants about it being converted to 3D to a minimum; we'd all rather be watching it now than next January, there's no need to repeat it, and you can still head to a non-3D theater to watch it when it's finally released.

Now On to the spoilers!Collapse )